NLP – 1. What is NLP?

NLP – 1. What is NLP?

2020년 August 23일 0 By SUNGMIN



Week 1 -> Meaning of NLP and about NLP.



About natural language and NLP.



NLP = Natural Language Processing .  NLP = NLU + NLG.

NLU = natural language understanding, NLG = natural language generation.

NLU = Making computers can understand the natural language.

NLG = Making computer can generate the natural language.

so, NLP = Making computers can understand and generate the natural language.



Ambiguity of language, Exception to rules, Extensibility of language, Flexibility of language are some of the reasons why NLP is difficult.



1) Ambiguity of language -> a word or a sentence can have many other meanings.



2) Exception to rules -> natural language has its own rules. But sometimes there are exceptions.



3) Extensibility of language -> Many sentences can be extended infinitely.



4) Flexibility of language -> As time goes by, Some words disappear and some words are newly coined.



We can research NLP based on rule, statistics, deep learning.



1) Rule based NLP -> Processing the language based on grammatical rules.



2) Statistical based NLP -> Processing the language based on statistics.



3) Deep Learning based NLP -> Processing the language based on deep learning.

Machine learning -> It is the algorithm that improves itself for problem solving.

Deep learning -> A kind of machine learning. It is the technique that stacks neurons in many layers in neural network structures. The combination of many non-linear functions enables the computations of large amounts of data or complex computations. (It will be explained in more detail later. – part 16)




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